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Asked Questions

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  • What COVID-19 measures are taken by P&G Painting?

    Our commitment at present is to keep the business fully operational and work with P&G management and admin team to adapt intelligently when and if the need arises.
    P&G Painting has issued numerous precautions to our painters working in the field. Best hygiene practices are in place at our head office and our company vehicles are equipped with sanitiser wipes and our employees are encouraged to take general hygienic precautions to keep everybody safe from the spread of COVID-19.

  • Do you also offer rendering, carpentry or plastering services?

    Yes, we have fantastic tradesmen on our team that can provide you with small rendering, carpentry or plastering services. Our Painters are also qualified to assist with any small plastering needs.

  • What is the warranty on my painting job?

    P&G Painting offers a 24 month workmanship warranty on all surfaces except roofs, handrails and floors which we cover for 12 months. Please note, the paint itself has it’s own warranty provided by the manufacturer.

  • How long is my quote valid for?

    Our residential/commercial quotes are valid for 2 months from date of quote, Body Corporate quotes are valid for 12 months. Please contact our office should you wish to request a revision.

  • I am having new carpets installed, should I get painting done before or after?

    We highly recommend painting prior to installing new carpets. Should the carpet be being replaced by floor boards, you should paint first, then sand floors and then we can come back to paint the skirtings after.

  • I only have a very small job, is there a minimum charge?

    P&G Painting is happy to quote any job for you, big or small! However the minimum we will charge you for a job is $280 + GST.

  • My house is not yet built, can P&G Painting quote off my plans?

    Unfortunately we do not provide a service to quote off plane as we specialise in repairing jobs for already constructed houses.

  • I’m a Painter, how can I work with P&G Painting?

    If you are a Painter with trade qualifications and you have your QBCC licence we would love to hear from you to be part of the P&G Painting team!
    Please call us on: +61-481451234 to discuss further.

  • How soon can my painting commence?

    Each job is different, the commencement of your painting will depend on the size of the job and how much preparation work is required but we pride ourselves on being prompt and working in and around our clients preferred dates if possible.

  • What paint brand offers the best warranty?

    Many are swayed by warranty claims of major brands offering 5 or 10-year warranties. It is important to remember that most warranties apply only to replace the cost of the product if the paint is proven faulty. As stated below, paint is usually only 10% of the entire cost of a project. The warranty will not pay for the cost of repainting. There is a lot of research, development and technology in modern paint, and the failure rate is very low, especially in the major brands. That said, it is wise not to choose one paint brand or a painting company because of a product warranty. Other factors, such as an itemized quote, reliability and professionalism should be given greater priority over paint warranty.

  • What paint brand is the best?

    Inquiries about the best paint brand are frequent, yet in reality there are only a few brands. The major brands are Dulux, Taubmans, Wattyl and Biritish Paints. All major brands have several lines that vary in quality. If you are looking for the best quality paint, the question is not about the brand, but what line of brand to use. All of these brands have a trade line of paint that is quite cheap and will often not cover as well or withstand the elements as much as their premium line alternatives. Between premium and trade, there is also a professional line of paint. Professional is the middle ground in coverage and quality. Paint typically accounts for only 10% of the entire cost of the painting project. As it is not a significant factor of the final price, you should insist that the painting company use a premium paint line from a major brand. Often painting companies will say that they only use Dulux but then use the cheapest trade line, this will affect the overall finish and lifespan of the paint job.

  • How long can I expect a project to take?

    P&G Painting has the resources and logistical skills to meet any deadline within reason. We allow the timeline to be dictated by client needs. We can allocate enough painters to get as $100,000 job done in two days if needed. There are few limitations to the amount of time it takes to complete a painting project:

    Paint requires time to dry. Dry time is longer during high humidity.

    Quality should not be compromised to achieve a rushed deadline.

    Quality inspection can be a lengthy process and should be given sufficient time.

    We encourage open communication with our clients to meet their needs and expectations. We always try to follow the “in and gone ASAP” philosophy without comprising the integrity and quality of the final product.

  • What should I do with my furniture?

    It is preferable to remove furniture from the area being painted. If that is not possible, we can push furniture away from the walls. We are qualified painters and not removalists and are not perfect at moving furniture but are willing to do our best to accommodate. When should the painters come during a renovation project?

    It is best to have the painters arrive at the very end of a project for two reasons:

    No new dust will fall on the freshly painted walls.

    All equipment will have been removed, reducing the risk of scraps and damage to the fresh paint job.
    The exception is floor sanding. Floor Sanders can come after the painters. If this is the case, Rochele Painting will usually leave the skirting board untouched.

  • Does my home need to be empty to paint?

    It is ideal to have an empty house because takes the least amount of time to paint as there is nothing to move. Frequently, however, paint jobs are done when a room is undergoing renovations or a colour refresh, and we simply work around the furniture.
    What wall preparation should occur before the painters arrive?
    Preparing your walls for the arrival of painters is three simple steps:

    Artwork and prints are removed from walls.
    All delicate and precious objects are removed from the areas being painted for safety.

    Removal of nails of possible. If you are unable to, we can remove any remaining nails and patch the walls.
    Paint preparation can be a lengthy process, and most of it is done by the painters. To learn more about professional paint preparations, you’re welcome to read our article on the subject.